Human Resource Management
First Principles

Employer / employee relationship

The Ideal Environment

  • Creating an environment conducive to ongoing productivity improvement is the responsibility of senior and middle management.

The Ideal Employer

  • Has an organizational climate and a management team that provides a work environment in which everyone has a chance to grow and mature as individuals in a team environment, by satisfying their own needs, while working for the success of the organization.
  • Individuals see the best opportunity for realizing their needs by directing their own efforts towards the achievement of organizational and group needs.
  • Implicit, is the belief that people can be self directed and creative at work, if properly motivated. Such people therefore will be more profitable to both the organization, the work group and the individuals involved

The Ideal Employee

  • Is properly trained and developed
  • Has an individual and group development plan
  • Has a wide range of competencies
  • Is willing to take responsibility
  • Is self aware and aware of others
  • Has a framework for decision making
  • Is able to align personal goals with employer's goals
  • Shares the same values as those of the employer
  • Shares skills, knowledge and experiences
  • Is willing and able to develop others
  • Sees work as natural, recreational and creative
  • Has the skills to solve task related problems
  • Motivated by social, esteem, and self actualization needs (see Maslow)