Partnering Proposal Overview

This page outlines an initial proposal to form strategic alliance between Accel-Team and prospective partners.

We seek to develop a number of strategic training partners around the world.

Accel-Team is a UK based company providing training and development resources to organizations around the world.

Since its formation in 1999 it has gained a reputation for providing high quality content on the Web and for its training and development resources.

Accel-Team receives regular requests from organizations around the world to deliver its resources in other countries.

  • Predominantly these requests come from organizations in North America, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, and Middle Eastern countries.
  • We have not the capacity to deliver into such countries. Time, travel and other associated costs make this prohibitive.
  • In addition to direct requests, we monitor our server logs and detect significant numbers of visitors from Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
  • A strategic alliance can help us leverage the scope of our activities, and provide us access to the additional resources necessary to meet our growth objectives.


The agenda for this initial proposal to form a potential strategic alliance is as follows:

  1. Alliance Goals
    This page sets out our broad based goals for the medium term and what we perceive the goals of potential partners may be. In addition we set out specific objectives we seek to achieve and those potential partners may realistically be interested in pursuing with us.
    01 April 2010
  2. Competitive Advantage
    This page sets out what we judge to be our strengths and the strengths we are looking for in potential partners. We also define the indicators that we feel are important in order to develop synergy in partner relationships. In addition we list the challenges we feel we and our partners would have to potentially overcome.
    01 April 2010
  3. Alliance Proposal
    This page sets out the broad based initial form the partnering relationship will take, the suggested terms of the proposal from our side, plus the key management aspects we deem will be required for success.
    01 April 2010
  4. Next Steps
    After reviewing the dynamics of the forgoing you may wish to contact us. On this page we list the key points we would be interested in hearing from you about.
    01 April 2010

Partnering Summary

Conditions or changes within Accel-Team and industry.

  • Accel-Team reference Web content, products and services have experienced significant recognition, internationally.
  • This sales-growth path is expected to continue as today's productivity driven global economy continues to seek better ways of adding value to human resources, through innovative training and development.
  • In order to better serve these international growth markets, Accel-Team is seeking to enter into alliances with regional training providers
  • Given the revenue potential of our products and services, we would like to start implementing our growth strategy internationally